Terms of use

1. Please do not use the words that you can NOT speak in front of your mother, in public places of the site viz. forums, shoutbox, chatrooms, clubs etc. However you can do anything you want in inbox.

2. English and hindi are the languages permitted to be used in public areas of site.

3. Stalking, teasing, harassing, abusing or forcing a woman for her phone number i s strictly prohibited. If you are a victim of one of the above, you should add the offender in your Ignore list(Main Menu > Settings&Info > Ignore List) and if you are a woman you can lodge a complaint to a moderator or administrator for further action that will most probably result in banning of the user. We try our best to make the site's environmentfriendly for women. We advise you to conceal your personal details i.e. phone number, address etc. while making friends on internet. But its up to you. If you are a victim and a man, please refrain from lodging complain to a mod/admin. Settle it yourself in inbox.

4. We allow creation of multiple IDs by single person. You can have multiple profiles with different names, sex, location if you want! We won't object. But please note that we have systems in place to identify clone IDs so we know who you are.

5. For your account's safety we advise you to keep a password that is different from that kept by you on other sites. We won't be responsible if your account here gets hacked by people on other sites because you've same password here and there. However we provide you full security from our side. But we can do nothing if its your fault in giving away your password to people of malicious intent by phishing etc.

6. You should not be engaged in battles involving caste, colour and religion in public areas of site.

7. The administration team of IndiFun.In reserves the right to change terms on the site without specifying any reason.

8. Intentional spamming of competitor sites in inboxes is prohibited. And it will result in banning


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